we can help you out with walks, anyone who is struggling with balancing working from home


We hope you are all well, we have had a few customers ask us if we can help them out with walks due to them struggling with balancing working from home, getting the dogs the exercise they need and family life.

We have also had a lot of dogs missing the socialisation they get from other dogs on the group walks. 

We have therefore taken this on board and made the decision to offer walks to any one struggling. 

We are still in contact with the Government, and will be following all the guide lines. So if anyone is home and can do the contactless pick up , we will be walking groups of 4 so we can keep them close to us, and be able to control the distancing when out on walks.

We will be sanitising our hands between walks, when dealing with equipment, using our own leads when required etc

If anyone would like to know more or has any questions please contact us.

Take care

Faye & The Team