About us…

Ozzie’s Fur-ever Friends is a professional pet care service, which believes in putting pets first and treating them like we would our own. We have always had a passion for animals and consider our dog Ozzie as a member of our family.

We offer a range of care services including dog walks, home visits, pet sitting and dog boarding. We are here to offer assistance to anyone who is looking for a safe, friendly, loving, honest, loyal and unique pet care service. We include a consultation and a questionnaire so we can get to know you and your pet and ensure the best possible care is delivered. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions you may have.

We are a fully insured, licensed and qualified local ‘from home’ business which provides a ‘home’ feeling for your pet, where we become part of their family too.

Meet Ozzie!

Ozzie is a white Westie who was born in December 2010 back where I grew up in Middlesbrough. My mum’s friend had a male and female Westie who accidentally had puppies. They were struggling to re-home them, so my mum took him in to give to me, as I’ve always wanted a Westie and I was living away from home in Manchester.

Ozzie loves his adventures, walks, holidays, food, chasing sheep/cats/dogs etc, running after a ball, paddling, rolling in grass (we hope it’s just grass!) but mostly making friends. He is a typical Westie and has stubbornness when he wants something. He does have the nick name the ‘fun police’ as he will be in there sorting out any trouble on the walks or when things are getting too adventurous.

Ozzie lives at home with Faye, and his other mum Amanda. He loves the fact he gets to play out every day with his mum’s and his friends. Ozzie is used to a variety of different dogs coming to stay at his house, so he is very chilled out, he shares his toys and his bed and they may even get a kiss from him! When he is home alone, he love’s sitting by the window looking out for the neighbour’s cats, the postman and people watching, he’s very nosey!

Sometimes Ozzie takes his furry friends to see his family, mini adventures or even go on holiday when they come to stay over.



I am Ozzies Mum and I have been running  Ozzies fur-ever friends since march 2016 along with Ozzies help of course.


I started off volunteering with CB Dogs July 2016 and worked for CB Dogs as a class assistant in my spare time for one year. I  helped people to train their pet dogs, ranging from puppy classes, next step, tricks and behavioural aspects classes. along side that I started Ozzies forever friends as working with dogs has always been a goal mine.


I have completed further dog courses with the IMDT

Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding,

 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course,

 4 Day Practical Instructor Course 1 day

1 Day – Resource Guarding

 1 Day Canine Body Language


I have completed a dog first aid course and dog walking course. I’m always continuing to learn and progress my skills to be able to provide the best care I can.


I have been working for Ozzies since 2017. I live in Chorlton with my partner and two teenage sons. I live near Longford Park and Turn Moss which are ideal locations for dog walking.


I grew up with dogs (and loads of other animals) but we never had our own dog as we both worked full-time. After being made redundant I decided I would like to work with dogs on a more permanent basis. I started boarding dogs and have been doing this for over a year and really enjoy looking after them. I am so happy to be part of the team at Ozzie-fur-ever friends to continue and develop my knowledge in working with animals.


I have completed a dog first aid course and have completed dog walking course and continue to receive CPD from Faye to help me with in my role at Ozzies


I have been working for ozzies since 2020. I live in Whalley range with my family and my strange pets, Kino (whippet) and Leon (cat). We haven’t had a dog for a while since we lost our lurcher of old age in 2009. Until recently, I have decided to work at home as ceramicist and consequently have had the time to adopt my new dog Kino!

I love walking with Kino, especially at turn moss and have learnt how important it is for dogs to socialise with each other. The more I had walked and started to gain experience with my dog and others, I realised I wanted to walk dogs as a profession!

I have completed a dog first aid course and have completed dog walking course and continue to receive CPD from Faye to help me with in my role at Ozzies


I have been working for Ozzies since 2021. I live in Withington with my Family, I spent 10 years running a small gardening business. 4 years ago I started taking care of a rescue Greyhound called Biscuit, which has been a wonderful experience, and led to an interest in dogs and their behavior.


My go to resource for my dog has been History and Psychology of the Greyhound by Mary Fox, very helpful with the many quirks of greyhound behaviour. As lock down came to an end I was looking for some way to combine working outdoors with an interest in dogs so this is perfect for me. 

 I have completed a dog first aid course and have completed dog walking course and continue to receive CPD from Faye to help me with in my role at Ozzies

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